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Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in Featured, News, Pacline Articles, Pacline Products, Tips, Uncategorized, Videos | 0 comments

Material Handling Distributors ‘Hot’ Tip

Material Handling Distributors ‘Hot’ Tip


Experience is “hands down” the material handling distributors most valuable qualification and if you can come across to your buyer as a problem-solver you have half the battle won.

There are some very basic elements of a return on investment analysis which, when combined, add up to an (almost) immediate sale of a material handling system. You need to develop a knack for identifying a prime candidate by spotting the somewhat obvious signs. These three most obvious signs of an equipment justification are as follows:

  • A crowded plant or warehouse floor
  • A multiple shift operation
  • A process that could be mechanized to increase productivity

Now for that promised tip,

Any time you can apply a piece of equipment to solve more than one task you stand a better chance of achieving your customer’s ROI goals.  For example I have a piece of equipment that can solve two material handling problems for less money than the alternative and the alternative only solves one of the problems.

By stepping in and offering suggestions for improvement it is your opportunity to be a hero. By knowing the application, the equipment used in mechanizing it, and the application of an overhead chain conveyor system, you can be a hero to your customer and your boss by selling some equipment.  So, learn to spot the signs, study the application and sell high!

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