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Posted by on Jun 3, 2014 in Applications, Case Studies, News, Pacline Products |

Unique Non-industrial Conveyor Applications

Unique Non-industrial Conveyor Applications


PACLINE’s projects range from sim­ple con­veyor loops, to com­plex power and free con­veyor cir­cuits involv­ing pneu­mat­ics, com­put­ers, pro­gram­ma­ble logic con­trollers and auto­matic iden­ti­fi­ca­tion. Although PACLINE is well known for their capabilities in indus­trial appli­ca­tions, they frequently get calls to provide conveyor solutions for other industries.

Here are some unique non-industrial conveyor applications that highlight the versatility of PACLINE’s enclosed track overhead conveyors.

Enclosed track conveyor used to transport sleds up a hillside to waiting riders.

Conveyor moves sleds up the mountain to waiting riders.

Recre­ation any­one?  At Win­ter Park ski resort in Col­orado PACLINE conveyors were used to transport sleds from the bottom of the 3000 foot Alpine Slide track to the top of the mountain.

At another recreational site, PACLINE’s enclosed track conveyor was installed to transport inner tubes from the bottom of a giant outdoor water slide up to the riders waiting at the top. Read more…

This water slide conveyor transport inner tubes up steep inclines to riders waiting at the top.

This water slide conveyor transports inner tubes up steep incline to riders waiting at the top.

The PACLINE conveyor system offered several unique benefits to these outdoor installations:

  • Meccano’ style track parts are bolted together with no welding required. This made it easy for Park staff to dismantle and store the conveyor at the end of the season and reinstall it again the following season.
  • Chain and bearings are protected inside the enclosed track. This improved safety by preventing the hands of the operators and users from coming in contact with the chain. This feature also helped protect the chain and bearings from debris.
  • Zinc-plated track and components helped ensure that the conveyor could withstand exposure to the outdoor weather elements year after year.
Modular bolt together zinc plated components enable quick assembly and no welding is required.

Modular components of the PAC-LINE™ enclosed track conveyor


Lights, Conveyor, Action! In the Enter­tain­ment Indus­try, PACLINE has provided a number of unique conveyor solutions.  For The Oprah Show, PACLINE conveyors were used to help animate the elaborate stage for the final Christmas show in 2010.

Production set for the Bomb Girls TV series, Pacline Overhead Conveyors were used for bomb delivery between paint and manufacturing stages.

Conveyors move fake bombs overhead on movie set

Hyundai had a very unique concept for their TV commercial designed to highlight the energy efficiency of their new Sonata Hybrid. Using PACLINE conveyors to carry a giant backdrop, they created the illusion of a car driving down a country road. The PACLINE conveyor was completely human powered using bicycles and hand cranks. This car commercial left no carbon footprint! 

PACLINE conveyors also had a supporting role on the Global TV series Bomb Girls.The story takes place in a muni­tions fac­tory in the 1940’s. PACLINE conveyors were installed on the main set – the bomb assembly line.  Fake plastic bombs were carried overhead just as they would have in the 1940’s as they went from painting to drying processes in the factory. Read more…

Delivering cartons overhead in unused space and directly to the packing line improved efficiency and adheres to the highest standards of food and operator safety.

Overhead Conveyor for Fruit and Vegetable Packing

Apples, peaches, pears and more. PACLINE conveyors can also be found in fruit and veg­etable pack­ing oper­a­tions around the world.  In most of these installations PACLINE conveyors are being used to transport empty cartons from the carton building area directly to the packers. Less congestion at the packing level improves worker productivity while freeing up valuable floor space. Custom carriers can be designed to handle multiple carton sizes. Learn More …

Increasing product storage by utilizing unused overhead space and PACLINE's C-250 enclosed track conveyor.

Sausage Curing and Storage Conveyor

Kitchen Kut­tings is a small busi­ness located in the com­mu­nity of Elmira, ONTARIO.  Owned by three Men­non­ite women, Kitchen Kuttings began as a small shop sell­ing cheese and home­made prod­ucts. As the busi­ness grew so did the demand for their sausages and the need to pro­duce them in larger quan­ti­ties. The owners needed a way to dry up to 1,800 sausages at a time with a pos­si­ble future expan­sion of 3,000 sausages.  At this vol­ume, any man­ual sys­tem of rack­ing would be very cum­ber­some, labor inten­sive and dif­fi­cult to man­age. PACLINE sug­gested using the PAC-LINE™  enclosed track conveyorThis conveyor track comes pre-fabricated in very tight curves which allowed for a very compact, ‘spi­ral’ design. The final system was able to carry the entire 1,800 sausages and address the need for increased capac­ity in the future.  Read more …